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Friday, 21 February 2014

To You We Sing Happy Birthday

I've been able to add quite a few new eCards recently, particularly over the Valentine's Day period.  I used to create a lot of content for in the Netherlands - winks, dynamic display pictures and so on for Windows Live Messenger.  I put together hundreds of animations for them.  Alas, Messenger has all but gone now and the nice people at Quebles have agreed to me reusing some of my content for 123greetings eCards.  I'll have to do a fair bit of adapting, but I'm thrilled to have the resource at my fingertips.

The latest eCard created from scratch is a little birthday ditty called "To You We Sing Happy Birthday" (see image above).  It features some characters that I've earmarked for a series, so I hope the public like them.  Here's where you can view and send the card from

Huge thanks to the very talented Alison Mitchell for her help with the vocal duties.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Baggins is Back

Hi all,

My new Moanin' Mo Baggins' Christmas ecard has just gone live on  I hope he'll be well received.  Here's the link:

I really enjoy working with this character.  I have plans do more with him soon, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy his Christmas offering.

If you're interested (probably not, but I'm going to tell you anyway), Earl Records, the label on the disc at the start of the card, is my own real record label.  My doo-wop group, The Metrotones, records on it.

Hanukkah starts tonight, so don't forget the new eCard created specially for that.  Here's the link:

Have a great holiday season and I look forward to putting up more posts as soon as another eCard hits the site.


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Flash Animated eCards

Welcome Flash eCard fans.

This blog is to keep followers up to date with any new eCards that I create following my deal with

As you may know, I have been creating Flash animated eCards for some time, both for clients and for my own website.  My own eCards were getting occasional visitors and sends, but I didn't feel that they were really being seen by the public.  So, I decided to upload them to

To my surprise and joy, before long, my eCards were being viewed in their millions and sent in their hundreds of thousands.  My "Baggins' Birthday Blues" eCard alone has been viewed 1,368,233 times (as of today) and sent 462,117 times.  You can see it at

This is great news as the Adobe Flash software (the wonderful package that I use for creating my eCards) has had a hard time of late following Apple's decision not to support it on their mobile devices.

A few weeks back, the nice people at 123greetings asked me to sign a deal with them to start producing more cards.  How could I refuse?

I've already set to work creating some new offerings.  Here's a card created for Halloween (October 31st) and another for the Jewish festival of light, "Hanukkah" (November 27th)  It was great fun making this card as I'm a big fan of the early 60's vocal groups like The 4 Seasons and Randy & the Rainbows.  Quite a challenge reaching the high notes, but I'm really pleased with the result.

Next up will be a Baggins Christmas Blues eCard.  I'm recording soundtrack right now.

I'll be right back once it's ready.

Of course, you can view all of my cards so far at

Thanks for reading.